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JR Landwork's specialized forestry mulching equipment will quickly and efficiently clear any unwanted vegetation from your property. Our professionally trained arborist will skillfully meet your needs while enabling you to preserve the function, beauty, economic and ecological value of your land.

Forestry Mulching

A forestry mulcher is a specialized commercial machine capable of mulching (grinding) entire standing or downed trees and vegetation leaving the grindings as a "mat" on the forest floor. With this machine, we can efficiently clear land at costs up to half that of hand cutting methods with no hauling or burning that would result from conventional clearing. By using a forestry mulcher, there are less steps involved in the land clearing process including site prep, cutting, felling, hauling the material and site clean-up. Since the forestry mulcher is capable of handling many jobs, it eliminates the need for a bulldozer, excavator, tree shearer, wood chipper/grinder and transport vehicles.

JR Landworks is capable of handling large and small jobs. In urban residential work, we use smaller and lighter equipment on softer ground or where more detailed work is needed. In more rural settings, we have the equipment necessary to handle larger, heavier vegetation.


Some great uses of Forestry Mulching include:

Forest thinning and underbrush removal


Invasive & Noxious Speceies Removal and Management 

From bamboo, to Autumn Olive, to irritation Poision Ivy, Virginia lands are covered with invasive and noxious plant species that our forestry mulchers can quickly get under control. 



Trail and Road Clearing

Increase your property's accessibility with professionally designed roads, ATV trails or walking paths.



General Land/ Lot Clearing

We can clear building lots quickly and cost effectively; in most cases without out expensive land disturbance permits. By clearing out the brush and small trees, you will realize the topograpgy of your land and have a better idea of where to site a home. 



Storm Damage Clean Up 

Let our forestry mulchiers quickly turn any size tree or brush pile into usable mulch. 



Logging Site and Debris Pile Grinding

Loggers ussually leave a mess, we can clean up behind them; stumps, slash and logs are no match for our powerful equipment.