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Finding Balance on the Farm with Silvopasture

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

When nature is in balance, great things happen.

And when we at JR Landworks can create a sustainable balance between vegetation and livestock, it benefits our farmers, our communities and the plants and animals around us.

One of the ways we facilitate more effective and enjoyable environments for farmers in Northern Virginia is by creating silvopastures.

If you are not familiar with the term, silvopasture is a method of combining trees, grasses and livestock into a cohesive environment that benefits all three.

This method balances the needs of grazing livestock like cows with an environment that can grow tall, strong trees that can provide shade and value to the landowner when they are harvested. The grass fuels the cows, the cows fertilize the pasture and trees, the trees provide shade and extra income for the farm. It’s a balanced environment that allows everything to thrive.

To take an open space from overgrown land or forest to silvopasture, there will need to be careful land management. This includes precise trimming, pruning and clearing. Livestock are large and need lots of room to graze. Therefore, thick underbrush must be removed, low branches need to be pruned and clusters of trees need to allow for safe passage through and around them.

Special Considerations With Silvopasture

Also, some tall trees must be taken out to allow for the proper amount of sunshine to grow grasses and the correct blend of trees needs to be taken into account so as to provide the right amount of shade and nutrients from falling leaves or pine needles. It is important to note that some trees are poisonous to livestock if they eat the leaves or bark.

Jonathan Baigis, Managing Partner at JR Landworks, is an ISA Certified Arborist and specializes in clearing spaces for silvopasture.

We are proud to serve the farmers and landowners in our community. Our services are also sought after by businesses and government agencies when land management is required for new development and infrastructure.

Our commitment to our clients and our environment is to always preserve as much of the native flora and natural beauty as possible with all our land management practices.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss silvopasture options for your livestock, to reclaim overgrown pastures, for underbrush clearing or any of your other land management needs.


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